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  • The-Genderbread-Person

    Making a Difference by Katie Black


    I never imagined that I would love educating. When my journey into social justice began, I had no idea how I was going to even start making the needed changes in my community and the world around me. Learning about Full Circles Foundation was so exciting for me, I had never heard of anything […]

  • nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

    “Like a Girl” by Bethel Maekele

    In one of our Body Positivity classes for the younger girls we discussed the phrase “like a girl.” How many people have told you do something “like a girl?” What kind of connotation trails along with this? If it is said to a male then they are usually offended. If it is said to a […]

  • 10559711_10204131100335440_926169780788806784_n

    Blue Jay Point and Our Three Goals by Maria Lucas

    Full Circles Foundation owes Blue Jay Point a huge thank you for making it possible for our staff and campers to make so many beautiful memories.  Blue Jay Point makes it affordable for groups to spend time in nature and learn valuable information about the environment that surrounds them and how they can play a […]